Website Insurance

Typical hosting companies only host your website & emails. They will not fix, repair, back-up or update your website. Our managed hosting is different.

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Managed Hosting

Website programs, software, hardware, files and applications must be monitored and updated periodically to ensure they're working correctly. If something happens to your website we provide support including website & email hosting, maintenance, updates, and monthly back ups of your files included in our hosting package. Our managed hosting package will simplify your life by taking on many of these tasks.


We will host your website and emails on our cloud servers and you will have acces to your control panel.


Unlimited bandwidth not only for your website, emails and web files and we also optimize your bandwidth every month.


It is very important to clear all fix any broken links, clear caches, check for security updates and back up your website every month!


Updates are important to search engines, software & hardware to the ensure your website is working accurately and customers' perception.


We give you peace of mind with day to day monitoring to detect any problems and fix any issues before you've realized anything has happened.


24 hour, 7 days a week and 365 days a year we provide support for all managed hosting clients via email, phone or text!

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